Diego Irigoyen
Artist, Author, and Penman based out of Los Angeles.

Gestural Recollection


Gestural Recollection

This participatory performance and installation invited two barefoot volunteers to be the mark makers of this work. As the a facilitator my role was to be no more than a guide. Each participant received a rinsing of their feet prior to stepping on to a tile of clay. This was a gesture of welcoming. Once both volunteers were on the platform they extended their arms and shook hands through a third piece of clay between them. This was a gesture of peaceful coming. Each participant then received a thorough washing of their feet to remove any residue clay.

Once the performance was completed the wet towel used to clean the feet and hands of each participant was hung on a plaster hand protruding from a wall adjacent to performances location.

The performance considers the act of a gesture as well as the history and origin of different gestures.