Diego Irigoyen
Artist, Author, and Penman based out of Los Angeles.

Creative Brain Training


The Program

The program was founded in 2014 and was first taught on the campus of California State University, San Bernardino. The course is primarily taught through the Prison Arts Collective and helps inmates in establishing a practice for mental health, and impulse control.

The program is a based on the knowledge I've acquired in six years of practice, and three years of coaching and teaching others. It is made up of three practices: Conscious Breathing, Ambidextrous Development, and Art Making.

The three sections of the program assist in creating a balanced chemical well-being. Each practice is based on concepts in neuroplasticity and help to improve and maintain your mental health. The program is meant to be practiced consistently for optimal results. 

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Conscious Breathing

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Alternate nostril breathing helps balance the brain hemispheres, improves focus, rejuvenates the nervous system and removes toxins from the body.

Belly breathing aligns with the natural order of the respiratory system and maintains the health of our vagus nerve so that it may properly calm anxiety as intended.

Conscious breathing allows for the mind to hone its attention on a singular action so that in the midst of anxiety you are geared with the tools to stay calm, cool, and collected.

Ambidextrous Development

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The University College of London and the University of Regensburg proved that the ambidextrous task of juggling enlarges specific regions of the brain used by intellectually gifted people.

Ambidextrous penmanship is something that one of the greatest minds in the history of western culture embraced: Leonardo da Vinci. Genius is nurtured, and penmanship has been proven to maintain mental acuity.

We have the secrets to your ambidextrous success. Take your brain and body to the next level through our ambidextrous tasks, and experience the regal benefits of a fully developed brain.

Create Art, Strike Balance, and Manifest your goals through creative envisioning.


Learn about the personal success routine unlike any other through
Creative Brain Training.

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