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Creative Brain Training Ebook

Creative Brain Training Ebook


Creative Brain Training

Increase Attention Span, Build Confidence, and Stimulate Creativity

Author: Diego Irigoyen
Cover Art: Carly Lake
Editor: Valerie Pedroche

Copyright © 2018 by Diego Irigoyen.
All Rights Reserved


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Excerpt from the book:

One of my first dedicated students was a gentleman by the name of Timothy Haerens. Timothy is my elder and was up into his 60’s when he began training under my guidance. One of the principles of neuroplasticity states that, regardless of your age, the brain can continue to change and rewire itself to improve performance, and Tim is an excellent example of just that.

Timothy and I had an art history class together and after he witnessed my effortless ability to recall information promptly and fluidly he became heavily intrigued in what I was doing differently.

Timothy studied directly under my guidance for a 3-month intensive course, and passively as my teaching assistant over the following 9 months. This allowed me to observe a long-term transformation in someone who could’ve been limited by age, but certainly wasn’t.

Timothy became extremely proficient in the tenets of my course and was very proud of the success he had gained through the practice. Within a month of the intensive course, Timothy claimed to have more energy than usual, stating that he was doing chores around his home that he would have typically had his grandson perform.

He broke through his limiting beliefs of athleticism and memory, and became an inspiration for students to follow in his footsteps.

At the prison where I began teaching, I witnessed inmates develop greater impulse control and patience. One student, Raul, shared how he overcame his aggravation for some of the less considerate inmates that would disturb his practice during the off days of my class.

He had learned to be patient and control his impulses through such a simple method that anyone can do.

Get Ahead

Learning of the impact my curriculum was having on others I began to realize that this information needed to go beyond the classroom setting. Thus, I began personal consultations, and now I am writing this book so that more may gain access to the methods that are tried and tested in improving brain performance.

I guarantee that if you are committed and practice these methods, you will undergo changes similar to what I, Timothy, and Raul have experienced. Regardless of whether you believe you need help, I can guarantee that you will witness a remarkable improvement in the quality of your life through this program.

If you need more energy in the day, are trying to overcome depression, suffer from social anxiety, want deep rejuvenating sleep, wish to be a great public speaker, want to improve your writing, are looking to increase athleticism, or you’re looking for that edge over the competition, then Creative Brain Training will take you there.

The secret to your success is not proficiency within what I offer, it is the consistent practice of what I teach. You will all begin at your own unique skill level and we cannot allow ourselves to be discouraged by the seemingly difficult task of training the brain.

With the constant growth of technology in our daily lives, it’s become more crucial than ever to maintain the health of the original super computer: our brain. The most powerful phone, or coolest movie, or most exciting video game can’t save you if at the end of your life you can’t remember the names of your family.

For me, it took a ride in the backseat of a police car, a broken heart, and the threat of being expelled from school to take the initiative in my own life. Don’t wait till you’ve hit your rock bottom to begin improving your life quality.

The person before and after I started this program are day and night, and I can guarantee that through your diligent practice you can also be born again through the power of your brain.

The methods here have been tried and tested and in the coming chapters I’m going to show you how you can easily begin to change your life for the better.

Copyright © 2018 by Diego Irigoyen.
All Rights Reserved



Creative Brain Training is a course currently being taught to incarcerated participants in different prisons across Southern California. In 2011, the author, Diego Irigoyen, reached an all-time low. Having been put on academic probation, Irigoyen decided to change his life around and this book describes the techniques he used to go from poor scholastics to receiving multiple awards for his creative endeavors and educational research. Irigoyen has taught his Creative Brain Training course for over three years at a variety of levels ranging from middle school to college, and adults in prison, with a majority of that time teaching adults.

This book will help you tap into your dormant potential in the opposite hemisphere of the brain. Creative Brain Training offers the pragmatic information to go from a lazy, timid, distracted, and bored state of mind to an energized, vibrant, attentive, and creative state of mind.

About the Author

Diego Irigoyen is a practicing artist and educator. He has received two bachelor degrees from California State University, San Bernardino in the majors of Art History and Art Education. Irigoyen has taught college level classes at California State University, San Bernardino, and regularly teaches a variety of art classes at different prisons in Southern California. He is a major proponent of cursive handwriting and ambidextrous development in education. He has won multiple awards for his visual artistry, and multiple grants funding his research and educational projects. He has presented his research and facilitated workshops at a multitude of venues including the Meeting of the Minds Symposium at California State University, San Bernardino, and the Transcultural Exchange 2018 International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts: Exploring New Horizons in Quebec. As an artist, Irigoyen wishes to inspire others to endeavor in their own creative pursuits, and tap into their own ambidextrous abilities.

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